Getting back to writing

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A forced break from writing can be good, but not if it occurs at the point when there are only two chapters left to write.

Just two. And the book will be finished.
(Except for revisions, of course, but who counts those?)

As the time for the trip approached I tried my best to reach the end of the book. I knew how awkward it would be to have to dive in and begin again at the end.

But no matter what I did, the end of the story remained just out of reach.

Worst of all, that naughty storyline kept tangling itself around my feet and tripping me up.

It was frustrating. More than once I saw the finish, there at the end of what looked to be a straight flat road. So off I’d race, full tilt, happy that the way was clear.

Only to find myself flat on my face, my feet all tangled up in plot.

I guess the story wants me to take my time and untangle all those knotty places in the plot. No racing through to the finish!

It might take me a little while. I know me pretty well, and once my writing routine is interrupted, it can take a bit to get back into the rhythm of writing.

Hope those two chapters have more patience that I do!


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