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I love days like today. Easy-peasy days, when the scenes play out clear and fully formed in my head.

The characters develop, the plot autocorrects, the story builds. No struggle. No mess. No worry. I just write what I see. Period.

If the whole book would come to me like this, I bet I could write it in under a month.

Of course, writing days like today only come around for me once in a blue moon. Just often enough to keep me hooked. I know that if I keep plugging away, trudging through the hard days, one of these easy days will come along as a reward.

And believe me, it is a reward.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t supposed to write today. I usually restrict my writing to the weekdays, and keep my weekends for my family.

But I woke up so horribly early this morning. My eyes popped open, and I was wide awake.

Everyone else was still sound asleep.

My option was to putter quietly around the house until everyone else got up, or write.

I chose to write.
And was rewarded with a glorious writing day.

You know what that means, don’t you?

I must have an Easy-Peasy Day alarm clock!


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