Bunny Foo Foo

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When we moved into our new house it already had a resident. A rabbit that liked to hang out in our front yard.


In a chat with neighbors I discovered that the rabbit was the offspring of two older rabbits who had been abandoned by their owners. The mama and papa rabbit were captured and sent to a rescue shelter, but this young rabbit was too wily to be caught.

I awoke this morning to find a strange woman chasing Little Bunny Foo Foo around my yard.
When I asked her what she was doing, she said she wanted to capture it to give it a new home.

I have two questions:
She’s not a neighbor, so how did she know this rabbit in my yard wasn’t my pet?
What does she keep in that huge, raggedy backpack she dumped in my yard while she chased the rabbit?

Run Bunny Foo Foo! Run!

I think she wants your new home to be in her belly!

What do you think?