Head and heart

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Adrenaline is running, unfettered and unrestrained, through my veins today. I think it’s because of a screenwriter’s workshop I want to attend in September.

I sat down and meditated for a few minutes, and this is a snippet of the conversation I overheard between my heart and my head.

Head: Slow down Heart. Stop jumping around so much. And for the sake of our nerves, lay off that adrenaline! We did our part. We submitted the screenplay on time–

Heart: What if it’s not good enough? What if the reader reads it and tosses it into the trash like last week’s garbage? What if–

Head: If that happens, it happens. We’ll move on the the next project. No need to get all in a flutter.

Heart: But this is important! If we go to this workshop we’ll get to rub elbows with people we want to call our peers. We’ll belong.

Head: It’s out of our hands. Calm down before you make our toes bleed. You’re pumping blood around faster–

Heart: Calm down! How can you ask me to calm down? If we get in, we’ll have to go rub elbows with some very intimidating writers! Just the thought of it makes the marrow in our bones quiver.

Head: Hold on a minute! I thought you wanted to go.

Heart: I do! And I don’t.

Head: Nonsense. If we’re going to survive this you’re going to have to make up your mind.

Heart: Can’t. That’s your job.

Head: As if you would listen to me!


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