Poor little fellas!

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I really detest bullies, no matter what cause they try to hide behind.

One particular group of bullies have come to my attention lately. I know they’re bullies because bullies are all about squashing others so they can feel bigger.

These men want to squash women.

Oh, they say they are for men’s rights, but we all know that’s just a cover.

What they’re really about is keeping their misogynistic little world from being torn apart by women who have the nerve to claim they should be paid the same money for doing the same work. Who believe women and men are equally valuable to society.

These bullies…I mean men’s rights activists…have come to my attention lately because they’re disturbed, nay, downright angry, about the remade Mad Max movie.


They cannot believe the movie industry has been so shortsighted as to allow women, mere women, to play some of the major roles in the movie. Action roles, which should only be played by men.

It’s feminist propaganda, they claim. A plot, intended to degrade men.

It’s too bad their misogynistic little minds have shrunk to the point where they can’t grasp the fact that feminism has been misrepresented for years. It’s not about world domination, it’s about equality.

Poor little fellas!


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