Excerpt – continued

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A scene from Time Without.

There was a slight change in air pressure, followed a gentle click as the door latched.
“Funny guys, real funny,” a woman’s voice said. “Who’s the
jokester who locked the door?”
At the sound of the voice my tense body twitched. That voice.
Why did that voice sound so familiar to me?
The mass of arms and legs below me began to squirm and shift. A small arm shot out of the pile. I shoved it back in.
“Ouch, Zoe! Watch your elbow,” I heard Becca say. “That was
my face!”
“Be quiet,” I whispered as quietly as I could.
“It wasn’t me,” Zoe whispered back to Becca. Either she hadn’t heard my plea for silence or she was ignoring it. “I’m by Maddie. That was Audrey’s elbow.”
“Shhhhh,” I hissed, this time a bit louder.
“Be quiet!” Maddie whispered in a super-loud hiss. “Mommy
said to be quiet.”
“Why?” Audrey asked from just below my ear.  
“Girls,” I tried again, “hush.”
In the silence that followed I strained my ears to hear. If I
could figure out—
“The monster’s coming,” Zoe whispered.
Any more and I’d be telling. This is all you get. Until the book comes out, that is.

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