Over a house? Really?

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My husband and I are shopping for a new home.  It’s a horrible process that’s brought me in contact with an unbelievable number of houses that I’ve hated, a few houses I’ve liked, and two that made me feel like I was coming home.

Those two we put offers on.

In each case, as I waited to hear good news from our broker, I’d gaze at the pictures of the my new house online and plan what color I’d paint each room. I’d choose where I’d put my office. I’d imagine innumerable holiday celebrations, barbecues, and birthday parties.

In other words, I let myself believe, and believe rather strongly, that the house would be ours. That it was fate.

Only it wasn’t. In both instances, we were outbid.

I feel a little silly admitting that with the loss of each house I went through a version of the grieving process.

It hurt.

But never, not in a million years, would I ever dream of revenge as solution to my out-of-proportion grief. Especially not against the people who outbid me. People who most likely were just like my family, looking for a good home to build some great memories.

So when I heard about the woman in San Diego I could only shake my head.
Where has all the commonsense gone?

In case you haven’t heard about it, here’s one of the many articles written about the whole mess:

With adults who should know better acting like this, it’s little wonder many of our teens bully each other.


By the way, she ruined this family’s life, targeted them with all kinds of mayhem, and that’s all the punishment she gets?


What do you think?