Scripts and rewrites

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I received coverage on my newest script, Haunting Engagement, the other day.

I’ll admit it. When someone critiques my work my first, gut response is to be offended. “Why don’t they get it,” is usually my first thought, followed by, “They didn’t read close enough,” and “How dare they!”

Which is understandable. After all, criticizing my writing is criticizing me. I created that story. It’s my brainchild, the product of my imagination. An intimate look into my very soul.

Fortunately, those thoughts only last a few seconds before my brain kicks into overdrive. Especially when I realize that the script reader’s comments are RIGHT. I could do a better job at character development. I did make a mistake by removing that character from the story too soon. The conflict could be ratcheted up to create more tension.

So even though I have one of those nasty colds that often visits this time of year, I’ve been busy rewriting. What else can I do when walking across the room tires me out like I’d just completed a 26 mile marathon.

Besides, now that I know the flaws exist, I have to fix them. I’m embarrassed at the thought that my script is out there but not really ready.

(There were some really good comments made also, but who can see those amidst the bad ones?)

So I spent eight hours on the script one day and five another. Then I reread the comments and reevaluated. Another few hours brought me to the point where I’d addressed all the comments and I felt the script was as good as I could make it.

For now, at least. The more I write, the more I learn. And the beauty of an un-produced script is that it can always be changed.



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