Enamored with a house

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I am enamored with a house.

It’s not the most beautiful house in the world. Or the biggest. But it’s for sale in my price range, and I  want it!

As soon as I walked through it I saw it’s potential. It would make a wonderful home. A place we could snuggle in and create a whole new set of wonderful memories.

Who cares if the fireplace doesn’t work, or that it has only one bathroom? Fireplaces can be fixed, and bathrooms added.
Who cares if the window sills show signs they were at one time tiled and desperately need fixing? I know how to sand and paint.
Who cares if the kitchen has almost no cabinet space? A pantry would fit in perfectly, right over there.

Ooh! Maybe we could add a porch in the back, with some lovely stairs leading down to that big, wonderful, currently overcrowded basement that you can only get to by going outside.

It really doesn’t matter, because even if we can’t do those things, I’m still enamored.

It is a house with tons of potential.

What more could I want?

(Hmm. Maybe not to be outbid?)


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