Just because

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I’ve decided to reward myself this morning. 
I’ve worked very hard lately, screenwriting until my fingers nearly bleed. Writing and revising, all while worrying about the 3 act structure, plot points, etc.
My brain is tired of jumping through hoops. It wants to write, without worrying about keeping things in the present tense or the proper format of a flashback.
I’ve been chomping at the bit to work on the next novel. This morning I’ll let myself.
(For a short while, at least. I still have a few things to do to finish up script number five.)
Here’s my first draft version of the beginning of the novel. I’ll share it, just because.
Just because this novel has patiently waited years for me to continue writing it. 
Just because I love the story and hope others will love it too.
And just because my mama always told me it’s good to share.

“Hello,” I rasped into the phone,
my voice still as asleep as my brain had been ten seconds before. It was 10
o’clock on a Monday morning, and for the first time in years my children had
decided to let me sleep late.
“Is this Mrs. Rossi?” a man’s voice
“Yes, this is Mrs. Rossi. Vanessa.
Who is this?”
“This is Dr. Brown at Madigan
Hospital. I was wondering why you weren’t here yet.”
“Mrs. Rossi, didn’t anyone call and
tell you that your husband was in a car accident, that he was hit by a semi
truck this morning?”
“What!” I yelled, instantly fully

Gotta go.
Just because I can’t wait another minute to relax into this!

BTW – The phone call happened. To me.

What do you think?