Scam phone call

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What a nice way to start the weekend. NOT!

The phone rang at 8 am, and it’s Saturday. I answered and had the following conversation.

“Can I speak to (husband’s name here)?”
“Who’s calling?”
“(Husband’s name here), I’m calling about your computer.”
“What computer? I don’t have a computer.” (Note: This is a scam call I’ve gotten many times over the last few years. The caller claims to be from Microsoft, and says that my computer needs fixing. The only way I’ve ever gotten them not to call every day is to say I don’t have a computer.)
“You’re a liar. You have a computer.”
“Wow. Did you really just call me a liar?”
“I did, because you are a liar. A big, fat liar.”
“Whether I have a computer or not really doesn’t matter. What matters is I don’t want you to ever call here again. I’m on the Do Not Call list-”
“I’m going to call you forever and forever. And you’d better do what I want, I’m a Pakistani.”
“Are you threatening me?”
“Yes, I’m threatening you. I’m going to !@#$% you up. So you’d better watch out.”
“Well, I’ll be reporting this call to the authorities.”
“You’d better watch out! I’m going to !@#$% you up-”


What a sad life that guy must have! So much time and energy spent trying to scam people out of their money. And his language!

Should I have asked him if he kisses his mother with that mouth?

My daughter gave an excellent suggestion for the next time the scammer calls. It involves a whistle and a lung full of air.

So scammer, I’m giving you fair warning. The next time you call you’d better wear ear plugs!
Or better yet, don’t call at all.

What do you think?