Interrupted by indecision

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This morning’s writing has been interrupted by indecision.

I’m usually a pretty decisive person, rarely unable to quickly make up my mind. At least about important things.

But this morning I found myself snatching and discarding possibilities faster than a five-year-old in a candy store with only a dollar to spend.  All because I need to define a new character in a script I’m writing.

I’ll admit that for a moment I was tempted to blame my inability on my old friends, the Jupiterians. Those rambunctious, mischievous little critters adore playing pranks, and I am their favorite target. But then I came to my senses and realized that the only way they could manage this particular prank would be to get inside my head.

They’re wily, but not that wily.

I might as well accept it, the fault is all my own. Maybe I should-

What was that? Did I just hear giggles?

I wonder if I should worry.

What do you think?