Novel temptation

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There’s a full outline and 15,000 words of one particular novel written and waiting.

I put it aside when I started the MFA program because, well, sometimes you just have to focus. A two year Master’s program squished into one year definitely requires focus.  It was intense!

I haven’t touched the novel since. Not because I lost interest, but because I’m too interested. Once I start writing it all other projects will disappear from my mind.

So before I allow myself to dive into the deep waters of the new world I’m creating for the novel, I need to solidify my screenwriting skills. Five screenplays ought to do it. I have three written and I’m working on the other two now.

But, darn it, that novel won’t leave me alone.

“I’m waiting,” it whispers as I open my computer.
“Go away, I’m busy,” I reply.
“Come on. You know you want to.”
“Later, I have other projects I need to do.”
“Just one hour. It’ll be fun! I promise!”
“It’ll relax you. Give it a try.”
“Go away. I’m opening a screenplay now. THAT will also be fun.”
“Not as much fun as Vanessa’s world. Remember how it gets all messed up because someone travels back in time–”
“–and Vanessa’s children travel with her–”
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Leave me alone! I need to focus on this screenplay!”
“–to the future, and–”
“If you don’t go away I’ll delete you.”
“What? You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me. See, here’s my finger on the delete button. Go ahead, bug me some more.”
“Fine,” the novel sighs in resignation. “I’ll wait. But you’re missing out on some really good fun!”

I guess I’d better get busy and finish those screenplays. I don’t know how long I can hold off the novel. It’s very persistent.

Just between us, I’d never follow through with the delete button threat. Writing that novel really is going to be lot of fun!

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