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Keeping My Family Fit When They Visit Me in Chicago
by Kendra Thornton
One of my priorities,
whether I’m at home or traveling, is staying fit and cooking healthy meals for
my family. Living in Chicago, this is fairly easy to do with such a wide
selection of stores, restaurants, fitness centers and other resources. Right
now, I’m getting ready for a visit from some family members and I’m focusing on
what I can do to feed them healthy meals and maybe even convert them to a
healthier way of life when they return home! That has gotten me thinking about
some of my favorite strategies for staying fit.
When my family
arrives next month, I’m going to take them all over Chicago and show them some
of the attractions. As much as possible, I’m going to do this on foot so
everybody gets plenty of exercise. I also find it’s much better to see
everything up close rather than from the window of a bus or taxi. As we explore
the city, I’m also going to come up with as many healthy activities as
possible. I may arrange for everyone to rent some bikes so we can take a bike
ride through one of the city’s parks. The point is, many touristy activities
can be healthy
if you focus on staying in motion.
Whenever I travel, I
always make sure I stay at a
that has a gym, and there are plenty of those in Chicago. That way I
can start off each day with a quick workout. This makes me feel more energized
for the day’s activities and it helps to offset any extra calories I might
consume while on vacation. That’s why I recommended that my family do the same
thing when they arrive in town next month. I pointed out that even a half hour
workout makes a big difference when it comes to burning off calories and
helping you maintain your fitness routine.
When my family comes
to visit, we’ll surely be eating out quite a few times. That gives me the
opportunity to introduce them to the concept of eating local foods. This is
something I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, both at home and on the
road. Chicago, for example, has lots of shops that sell local foods as well as
farmer’s markets. There are also some great restaurants that specialize in
local produce and animal products. This type of food is fresher, healthier and
more environmentally friendly than items that have been shipped for thousands
of miles. Restaurants that serve local food also tend to be
more health conscious
in general, which means we end up eating nutritious
meals that also taste great!
Chicago has lots of
parks, bike paths and areas that are great for running. I’m going to check the
Internet to find some of the ones that I may not be familiar with. That way,
when my family arrives, I can lead them on some walks or jogs. The best time to
do this is early in the morning. That way, there’s still plenty of time for
sightseeing the rest of the day. There’s no better way to start the day than
with a vigorous power walk or run!

When I go with my
family on vacation, I do everything I can to keep everybody on a healthy diet
and ensure we get plenty of exercise. This is an extension of my goals
throughout the year. Just as I send my kids off to school with healthy lunches
and encourage them to participate in sports, I look for ways to practice these
habits when we’re traveling. When I have extended family visiting from out of
town, I share my philosophy of living a fit lifestyle with them.
It’s All About Balance
by Veronica Tabares
When it comes to successful vacations, balance is the name
of the game.
We’ve all seen, and maybe even felt, the live-for-today,
tomorrow-will-take-care-of-itself kind of vacation. Overindulgence is the
keyword, which results in backaches, stomachaches, and skin burnt to a crisp.
Honestly. Tell people they’re on vacation and caution and
commonsense fly out the window. They eat, play, and drink indiscriminately. Tomorrow
will take care of itself, indeed.
It’s as if they’ve never spent a minute inside their own body.
How could they fail to remember that a body never
forgets a wrong? Revenge will be
exacted, usually at the most inopportune moment.
That’s where balance comes in to play. Give a body balance
and it’ll love you forever. Bodies adore balance.
Once I learned the importance of balance, vacations, and
their aftermath, got instantly more satisfying. The first trick I use to infuse
balance is to follow an exercise intensive day with a day of relaxation. The
second is to begin and end every day with a nutritious meal that includes
plenty of healthy protein.
It’s amazing how willing everyone is to eat healthy when
they’ve had a good dose of treats during the day.
After all, it’s all about balance.

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