Our guests from Jupiter

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The aliens were a shock to me too.

Over the years I’ve seen a ton of movies about aliens. The aliens ranged from scary monsters with big teeth dripping with slobber to cute little creatures with long arms and a loving disposition. Some of them came in peace, and some to take over the world.
No one got it right. I don’t remember a single movie with aliens that match what aliens are truly like. Just goes to show that the human imagination might not be quite as fantastic as we think!
But then again, no one thought a gas giant like Jupiter could support life, much less a flourishing civilization.
I guess our scientists got so caught up with what was needed to support life on Earth that they forgot that life on other planets might not follow the same rules.
Not that the Jupiterians follow anyone’s rules. They’re kind of a rambunctious bunch, floating around, playing practical jokes and snickering. To me they resemble mischievous children more than serious scientists from another planet.
But there I go again, falling into that same old trap and allowing preconceived notions to cloud my vision. Scientists on Earth tend to be serious, but we know practically nothing about the culture of the Jupiterians. This group might be serious, compared to the other Jupiterians back home.
Once we learn to communicate with the little fellows I’m sure–
Darn it! They just buzzed my dog. They didn’t hurt her, they just gave her a funny haircut. It’s going to take a while for that to grow out.
Fifty years from now we’ll look back on today, the day Jupiterians came to Earth, and laugh. I’m sure by then we will have worked out something with the little creatures to keep them from being so darn irritating.
In the meantime, watch where you step and keep a close eye on your pets. Those Jupiterians seem to particularly enjoy playing pranks on pets.
Oh yes, and don’t forget to enjoy the day.
April Fool’s Day can be a lot of fun.

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