The slam of the door

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The unique sound of the front door shutting reverberated through the house and woke me out of a deep sleep.

It was a normal morning occurrence. No matter how hard my husband tried to leave for work quietly the front door always slammed. It was just one of those doors.

I yawned and stretched as I got out of bed and began to think about the upcoming day. I had a lot I needed to accomplish in just one day. I decided that a checklist was in order.

But first I needed coffee. As I walked past my daughter’s door I glanced in and noticed she was still peacefully sleeping. I was a little envious, but only a little. After all, the items on my soon-to-be created checklist weren’t going to do themselves.

Still groggy with sleep I went down the stairs and into the kitchen. It was only after I’d made my coffee and taken the first sip that the background noise I’d heard from the moment I awoke, but somehow not registered, stopped.

The sound of the shower.

It only took a few minutes for my freshly showered husband to appear in the kitchen, dressed and ready to head out the door to work.

Which left me with a mystery. If my daughter and I were asleep and my husband was in the shower, who had slammed the front door?

What do you think?