How did that happen?

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In 2003 I decided to write a fantasy adventure about a middle school girl and her three friends who learn it’s possible to travel to other worlds through dreams. It turned into the Behold the Eye trilogy and the first book (Braumaru) was published in 2008.

There’s so much visual in the books that I’ve wanted to see them on the big screen for a while now.

So I did what any self-respecting screenwriter would do, I began adapting them.

I finished the first draft of Braumaru before Christmas. I would have moved on to the rewrites if I hadn’t gotten bogged down with life.

It’s amazing how often life gets in the way of writing!

Things finally calmed down a bit, so yesterday I pulled out the first draft of the Braumaru script.

I use Final Draft software to write my scripts. On a whim I decided to run a report to see which of the secondary characters had the biggest parts.

I was thoroughly stunned when I read the report.

My intention had been to write Vickie, a sixth grade girl from our world, as the main character.  Micah, a fifteen-year-old boy from another world, was supposed to hold a close second position.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Micah has more dialogue and is in more scenes than Vickie.

How did that happen? Vickie was upstaged by Micah, and I didn’t even notice!

Hmm. I wonder what surprises I’ll find when I adapt Cerulea and Viridia?

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