The bully’s mistake

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“I can do whatever I want in your yard,” he growled as he picked up a large piece of firewood and slammed it toward face. My eyes crossed as I stared at the log that had halted a mere inch from my nose. “Go about your business and leave me alone.”

Many thoughts flashed through my mind as I stood there nose to wood. Probably the most important was that I knew something he did not. He had made a mistake.

I mean other than losing control of his bullying tendencies and threatening me with bodily harm in my own yard. (Unprovoked, I might add. He had detonated faster than dynamite on a bonfire. Except with less reason.)

The mistake he made was in not understanding that a person can be both nice and strong. He thought I wouldn’t fight back, that I was a shrinking violet who would run and cower at the first sign of confrontation.

He thought wrong. My mama didn’t raise a doormat. Or a fool.

I turned and walked away, allowing him to make a further mistake. He thought his bullying tactics had won the day.

Yes, I’m sure he gloated, right up to the moment the police arrived.

As I said, my mama didn’t raise a fool. I know when it’s time to call in the cavalry. A threat of violence is a threat of violence, after all. If he’s nuts enough to shove a log in my face who knows what else he might do.

It was the first time I’d ever called the police on anyone. But if there are any more threats, I won’t hesitate to call again.

One good thing came out of it. As I mulled over everything a new plot popped into my head.

I love being a writer!

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