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Remember the neighbor I wrote about just this morning? The one who threatened me?

I’ve come to think of him as the demented leprechaun, but let’s call him WR for short. Just to simplify things.
Well, let me tell you, no grass grows under WR’s feet!

As I sit here listening to the sound of a basketball slamming against the fence that’s three feet from my living room window I have to wonder if WR has gone totally insane.
I came home from the store this afternoon to find a note on my other car informing me that I will no longer be able to park in front of my own house. (?)
Just to be clear, I have no driveway in which I can park.
So I went into the house. When my husband went to the car to retrieve a few things, WR waylaid him  so he could spout his views about what a horrible person I am.
Then, after letting loose with all kinds of right-in-the-face vitriol, including claims that all the neighbors hate us, he informed my husband that he plans to bankrupt us with lawsuits.
He ended with the words “It’s on”.
Shortly after that WR walked over to our car and kicked it. Which makes no sense, since our poor car has never done a thing to him.
So it looks like WR has plans for a long campaign of harassment.
I really feel sorry for his kids.

What do you think?