A Gray Zone review

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The first official book review for Gray Zone just got posted. And the honor goes to…

(drum roll)

…Feathered Quill Book Reviews!

I’m glad, really, since they pride themselves on giving honest reviews and they seem to like the book.

To read the entire review you’ll need to visit it on their site: Gray Zone Book Review.

It ends with:

There is a great deal to be said for this book. Cyber-bullying has been a topic of conversation and debate for years now, with tragedy being one of the results for many young, talented, but frightened and exhausted teens. The story of Autumn and Sophie Rose is poignant, to say the least. And the writer has done a brilliant job of creating a story that is loving, educational and sorely needed. 
Quill says: An excellent read for both young adults and adults.

Did anyone else catch the word ‘brilliant’? I think it’s my new favorite word!

What do you think?