About the Behold the Eye trilogy

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Dreams are funny things. Some of them are strange concoctions created by sleepy brains, blended images which rapidly switch directions and send the dreamer on a roller-coaster ride through the imagination.

Other dreams act more as guides. They solve mysteries, figure out problems, and uncover hidden jealousies. Wake up in the morning after one of this sort and you miraculously remember exactly where you left those keys you couldn’t find yesterday. That twisted math problem that had been unsolvable suddenly becomes clear. And most importantly, you finally understand why your best friend said that malicious remark that devastated you at lunch.

But only a very few fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) souls get to experience the rarest dream of all. For this brand of dream has no connection to the imagination and does not occur in the human head. Instead, it happens in a realm of its own…in the baffling, mysterious, and dangerous land of dreams.
Thousands of years ago, a culture thrived in the Pacific Northwest. Today, there is no sign of this flourishing culture. The entire city, with the exception of a few stray survivors, suffered a cataclysmic event that ripped apart the fabric of the universe and pushed them, buildings and all, into another dimension.

So what happens when someone discovers how to travel through the land of dreams, and the lives of our world become entwined with those of the other dimension?

What do you think?