No Comments on Witty-wannabes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one was worth a silent scream.

A scream of empathy because the poor woman’s final picture was posted on the world wide web for all to see in a total disregard to the feelings of her friends and family. Not only did friends and family lose a loved one in a brutal fashion, but they will never truly be able to escape the visual reminder of the horrific event.When did it happen? When did we stop caring about the feelings of others? When did we lose the ability to put ourselves in another’s place?

The scream is silent because of frustration. Frustration with the lack of filter many people have when it comes to the Web.

I am referring not just to the posting of this horribly graphic picture, but also to the comments posted about it. Poor taste doesn’t begin to describe them. Heartless would be a better word.

Why is it that people think that just because they can post a comment that they should? Do they think it will make them famous? Rich? Smarter?

Have they been bamboozled into believing that they possess a magic keyboard that will make their comments relevant, witty, and tasteful?

I guess we still have some evolving to do. Maybe we need to grow a few new nerves at the ends of our fingers that will shock us when we start typing those tasteless, inappropriate, or snarky comments.
But we’d better get cracking. There’s a lot of hurtfulness disguised as jokes zipping around out there on the Internet.As long as they have ahold of the blunt end of the barb all those witty-wannabes don’t even notice the harm they cause.

Come on people, get a clue! Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want posted about your best friend, your spouse, your child, your parent, or even yourself. Show that human trait of empathy that we’re all supposed to possess.

Odd isn’t it? Humanity doesn’t seem to work well on the Internet, even if we did invent it.

What do you think?