The curse

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For the past four years or so I’ve lived under a curse.
I don’t know who placed the curse.
I don’t know why I was the unlucky recipient of the curse.
I just know the curse is there. I can feel it’s smothering presence weighing me down with every step I take.

Lucky for me the curse is on only one aspect of my life–money. The other parts of my life–my family, friends, health, and writing–are perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, they’re great!

But I do have a problem with money, or I should say, the lack of it.
Not being able to find a real job for the past four years has really put a huge strain on our budget. I feel guilty. I’m the one who doesn’t have steady work. My family shouldn’t be deprived because of me.

The Disney trip was necessary for two different reasons.
One, my family needed to relax and have fun. They needed to recharge their batteries.
But I also needed to do research for a book I’m planning. I had, just had, to see how certain of the rides were handled. Was there a place during the ride where…

Uh oh! I’ve almost said too much. I mustn’t give away the plot before the story is written!

Hmm. Maybe I haven’t given up so much after all. Even if I did have to give up haircuts, vitamins, new clothes, and even a certain amount of car maintenance to make the trip possible.

But that’s neither here nor there. We managed the trip. The memories are ours to keep forever. I have what I need concerning theme park rides, and we had a great time! So take that, oh-maker-of-the-curse.

So, oh-maker-of-the-curse, what d’ya say? Don’t you think it’s time to lift the curse? I’ll just find ways around it anyway.

Come on. Fess up. It’s time to come clean and tell me who you are and why you put a curse on my purse.

Oh, and remove that silly little curse, of course.

After all, it has been a good joke.
Ha, ha.
You got me.
Very funny.

So let’s break that old curse, shall we. Before I end up in rags and my family and I have to move out into the desert and live in a tent.

What do you think?