I sit down to write

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Writing is an interesting occupation. It requires a level of concentration that isn’t always easy to reach.

I sit down to write but realize my coffee cup is empty. Off I go to my espresso machine.
I sit down to write and the phone rings. I jump up to answer, but it’s someone trying to sell me a duct cleaning service–we don’t have ducts.
I sit down to write and the dog barks. I jump up to calm her. I don’t want her to bother the neighbors.
I sit down to write but a dirty sock catches my eye. I put aside my computer, dig through the hamper, and throw a load of clothes into the washing machine.
I sit down to write and my stomach growls. I go to grab a bite to eat and realize I’m out of groceries. I grab the car keys and head out the door. Writing will have to wait. I have things I need to do.

Then magic happens.
I sit down to write and as I type the story grabs me, shakes me around, and tosses me in the air. My surroundings fade away. I am no longer in my makeshift office in a dark corner of my bedroom, but in a world where anything can happen. A world of my creation.
The phone rings, but I don’t hear.
The dog barks, but she is just a far off note from another time and place.
My coffee grows cold, my stomach growls, and chores remain undone.

None of that matters.
I’m meeting new people.
Traveling in a distant world.
Imagining a different time and place.
Unraveling the mysteries of science and invention.
Building a universe unlike any other, one where I make the rules and control fate.

I’m in the zone and all is right in the world.
All because I sit down to write.

3 thoughts on “I sit down to write

  1. Jessica Mills

    I agree with you completely. Writing is even better than reading because, as you said, the writer decides which far off land to journey to, which time, past, present or future the journey takes place in, and so on.

  2. Mark

    Great post! My biggest challenge when writing is to get over, under, around or through my writer's block. I'm a hobbyist writer, but still I'd hate to think how many hours of my life I have wasted sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for something to happen.


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