Learning to fly in Tweetland

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In March I wrote about my efforts to jump into social networking on Facebook. I compared it to walking a tightrope across the ocean.

Now I’m tackling Twitter (twitter.com/veronicatabares), and have found it’s pretty much like jumping off a cliff. I’d better learn to fly pretty fast, or I just might regret it.

I’ve had a Twitter account for a couple of years but it was extremely lame. I had twelve followers, and I followed about nineteen people.

So a couple of days ago I decided it was time to get my act together. I prettified my Twitter page and contacted an acquaintance who said she could help me find a few followers to get me started.

After a day she contacted me to say I now had several thousand followers. I thanked her and went to take a look.

Sure enough, I had thousands of followers, and as I watched the number kept inching higher.

Nettiquette (or should I say twitteriquette) requires me to return the favor and follow my followers. So I began the tedious process of clicking on each follower, reading about him/her, and following the ones who seemed appropriate for me.

After about an hour I looked and found I had only followed about 150 people. At that rate I’d be spending weeks just following.

So I took a short cut and randomly followed the next 50 people. Then I turned off my computer. I was done for the day.

This morning I opened my Twitter account and found some very suspicious feeds. It took very little checking to discover that one of those last 50 people I had randomly followed was a very bad choice. I blush just remembering the posts I read.

So it is back to the slow and steady approach. I will check each and every person I follow from now on.

I plan to reciprocate with as many of my followers as I can, but it might take me a while. As of this morning I didn’t have several thousand, I had many several thousand of followers.


I wonder how many of them are real people?

I guess I’d better start flapping my arms. It’s time to learn how to fly around Tweetland.


2 thoughts on “Learning to fly in Tweetland

  1. Allysha

    I was researching personal Twitter experiences for a 'how to' article I am writing. Actually more of a 'what not to' I guess. Don't feel bad about your experience with the slimy underbelly of Twitter. I suspect yours is one I can add to the row of ticks next to the number one caution as what to watch out for.


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