Identity theft?

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Now I’ve seen everything!

Yesterday I was searching the Internet, trying to find any new review that might have been posted for one of my books.

I came across this photo.

I recognized it immediately. It’s a picture of me at about 4 years old. I have an exact duplicate of this picture in my photo album. A real, physical photo album.
My cousin had posted it on her Facebook page and tagged it as me a couple of years ago.
Now here’s where things get strange. The photo was not from my cousin’s page, but had been reposted to three separate pages and had been tagged as being three separate people. None of them me.
Is this a new form of identity theft? Is my childhood being stolen?
Or have I just entered…the Twilight Zone?
Da – da – dum!


2 thoughts on “Identity theft?

  1. Brenda

    Nice post… This is common practice now it seems. At least the use of your photo was not hateful or malicious. I read about an autistic boy who had been photographed proudly holding up a painting he made. The photo was stolen and circulated, but the sheet of paper with his painting was replaced with all sorts of slanderous signs, such as RETARD NEWS and then a place anyone could add their own text underneath.


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