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“Don’t listen to the naysayers,” the motivational speaker told the crowd of entrepreneurs. “For every nine people who like what you do, there will be one who hates it, and that one will shout his dislike from the rooftops.”

As a writer, it’s something I’ve already experienced. Every writer has. Yet I listened avidly because it never hurts to be reminded that thick skin is needed for success. Or maybe a bit of armor plating. Just enough to deflect the nastiest of barbs by wannabe critics.

“They hate you because you’ve done what they want to do,” he continued. “They’re jealous of your success.”

Hmm. I’d never looked at it from that angle before.

But I realized that the speaker might possibly be right, especially where writing is concerned.

Based on what I’ve observed, and numerous Craigslist posts I’ve come across, many people have odd views about the profession of writing. They seem to think that a writer simply puts words on paper.

No craft needed–just type. It’ll all be good.

Because in their view everyone who writes is a writer. 

That’s like saying everyone who boils an egg is a chef. Or anyone who sticks a bandaid on a cut is a doctor.

That has never been my view. So before I added the title ‘Writer’ to my business card I made sure I deserved it.

I now have more than a decade of the craft under my belt, as well as a Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts and five published books.

So when I say I’m a writer I don’t merely mean that I write.
I’m an author.
I’m a novelist.
I’m a screenwriter.

My skin should be pretty thick by now. But sadly, I’m still not faster than a speeding barb, more powerful than a snarky comment, or able to leap a bad review in a single bound.

So I’ll just work on adding that extra layer of armor.

And I’ll keep telling myself to ignore those 10% who’ll never like what I do. Whatever their reason.

I must focus on the 90%.

Success will only possible if I ignore those no’s.


4 thoughts on “Those 10%

  1. WriterBandit21214

    Yeah, it's fun to thrive on the 90%, but even if it's 1% that's against you, it can still hurt. I consider myself a writer as well, and each time there's a 'naysayer' it gets under my skin. It is what it is though. You just keep pushing through.

  2. L. Jackson

    I heard another gem from a motivational speaker… The majority of people will invest more of their time and effort into hampering another person who is striving for success than they'll invest in succeeding themselves.


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