New word for the EER

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Ridiculosity is a noun that means something that is silly, funny, or absurd.
Worthy of ridicule.

It is a good word, for as far as it goes.

The problem is that it doesn’t go far enough. It isn’t ridiculous enough to mean something that is the ultimate of ridiculousness.

For that we need a new word. A word that represents a new era in which people have found a way to be more ridiculous than in any other era.

Yes, people, we now live in the Era of Extreme Ridiculosity (the EER for short). An era that was invented by the Media (although named by me), nurtured by the Internet, and given a huge injection of growth serum by smart phones with cameras.

So I would like to propose a new word that was created by my husband.

He thought long and hard for this word. He wanted it to portray the true flavor of what it is to be ridiculous while still appearing normal enough to be plausible.

Drum roll please….

The new word is:


Ridiculosilo is the low comedy of ridiculous. It is supreme ridiculousness. It defines the ultimate amount of ridiculosity.

It’s an extremely good word. Quite appropriate for the EER, don’t you think?

Use it well and use it often.


What do you think?