A writer without ideas–

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–doesn’t exist.

I’ve met a few writers in my time.

One thing we all have in common–other than a burning need to write–is an overabundance of ideas. Every writer I’ve ever met has way more ideas than they will ever be able to use. Folders and folders of them, either in paper or digital form.

Which is why I have to laugh at every Craigslist ad I come across asking for a writer that will write for free. 

The idea appears to be that writers sit around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for inspiration to light the proverbial lightbulb over their heads.

So the ad posters claim they have the solution every writer seeks. They will supply the idea, the writer will write, and the profits will be split between the two of them.

I’ve even seen some ads that state that the writer must have connections in the publishing or movie industry.

Right. As if any of us were that naive!

We’re supposed to do all the work, spend years developing our craft, and agree to share half the credit and earnings with someone who just wants to take a shortcut? All unpaid?

No thank you!

Oh, wait. That gives me an idea. What if…?


I guess I’d better open a new Word document and start a new folder. Yet another idea has come my way.

See what I mean? No dearth of ideas, just the actual hard work of writing them into stories.

What do you think?