A happy choice

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It is absolutely amazing how once something is brought to a person’s attention, suddenly it is everywhere.

My last post was all about how we are where we are because of the choices we make.
Heavy stress on CHOICES.

And now today I watched a PBS show about the work of Shawn Achor, a researcher who studies, of all things, happiness.

Not only has he researched how a person’s level of happiness effects his longevity and health, but he has done research into what exactly is needed to make a person happy.

Here’s the kicker. We control our own happiness. It all comes down to choices, plain and simple.

It is all about how we choose how we see the world. Are we grateful for the rain or do we grumble about it? Do we smile or scowl at our spouse? Do our children make us giggle or groan?

According to this Harvard researcher we can nudge our thoughts into a more positive direction and give ourselves the happy outlook we all crave.

He laid out the steps everyone could take to create this positive outlook. Little steps. Easy to follow steps. Steps anyone can do.

The best part is that there is a ripple effect that occurs when we take these steps. Making yourself happier will encourage those around you to become happier too!

It turns out that smiles are just as contagious as yawns and chicken pox.

The world is already a sunnier place.

Can you see my smile?


What do you think?