Drip by drip

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I can breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe.

I’ve not been able to work on Gray Zone since I finished school, even though I’d figured out exactly what needed to be done. Something was stopping me, holding me back.

So this morning I reverted to my old way of working. I got up, spoke to no one, made a cup of coffee, and opened up Gray Zone on my computer.


Okay. So maybe I didn’t do a lot of writing. Probably no more than one hundred words or so.

But it’s a start. A small one, but a start.

Hey, don’t knock success, no matter how small. I’m hoping that this trickle of work will erode away whatever is damming the flood of creativity.

Drip by drip, word by word. I’ll get it written. I’d rather a flood than a trickle, but I’ll take what I can get.


What do you think?