Someone needs a lesson in ethics!

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I have a code of ethics. Among the rules  that govern my behavior is one that requires me to work hard and give credit where credit is due. So you can be sure if I claim work as mine, it is mine. I don’t cheat or steal.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives by that same code.

I was shocked to find an ad on Craigslist that claims to be posted by a graduate student who wants to hire a writer to write his/her papers. The ad states that there is plenty of work to be done, and that the assignments will continue for a number of years.

Oh, and the writer must have a graduate degree, because the poster only wants graduate level papers, which can only be written by someone who has a graduate degree.

Obviously the poster knows that this is a shady deal, since he/she will only pay in cash through a bank, allowing him/her to cover his/her tracks.

This goes way past plagiarism! Way past!

What do you think?