Not worth the brain power

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I spend a good bit of time on the Internet. I read things written by people of all walks of life, stages of education, and mental abilities.

When someone understands that writing is all about communication, it shows. Sentences are well structured. Spelling is correct. Actual punctuation is used.

In other words, people can read and understand it.
What a concept!

But many of those who plaster the Internet with their ramblings in the big bad world of the Web are lazy. What pass for paragraph are litters with grammatical errors. Speling is slopie. Sentences any old way no real structure or punctuation Homonyms create chaos weather ewe no watt is mint or knot.

Some sentences go on and on and never seem to stop but just keep running on as if the person writing never has to take a breath and never plans to stop because they just have so much to say. Sometimeseventhespacesbetweenwordsareleftout.

What do you think?