Jackhammers at breakfast

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Ahhhh! I can’t think!

At 8:00 this morning (a Saturday morning no less) utility crews pulled into my street with four or five huge trucks. At 8:30 they began work with that machine that slams against concrete until it breaks it up. (I usually know the name of this noisy piece of equipment, but as I said, I can’t think right now.)

It is filling my house with irritating sound. Even worse, my house is shaking, like we are experiencing a series of small earthquakes.

I know why they are here, my next-door neighbor wants to have a gas stove so they are putting in a gas line. Of course, she hasn’t moved in yet. So the noise isn’t bothering her one iota.

I hope this is an efficient crew that finishes quickly. Before I go batty.

Wait…I think the name of that horribly noisy machine is coming to me. It is a…it is a… it is a…come on, you can do it, it is a…jackhammer! That’s right. That’s what it is called!


Now, if I can just get my brain to ignore the noise long enough to remember how to make breakfast.

What do you think?