The oddness of writing

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This writing business is odd.

I want to submit my script to a contest, and I want it to be the best possible script I can write. So yesterday I looked over the last comments my instructor made about my script so I could decide what changes I need to make.

It looked, frankly, unmanageable! I felt I was done, but she suggested deleting some scenes, writing a few new ones, and redoing several others. I couldn’t do it! I was too overwhelmed just thinking about it.

But I figured I would put in a few hours, just to get it a tiny bit closer to “perfect”. I’ve learned that the one-step-at-a-time system will get any project done, if I had the patience to keep plugging away.

I got out my computer and began to work. By the time I’d finished for the day I’d put in six very satisfactory hours.

Today I put in another five hours, and I’m amazed to see that I actually got it all done.

Now this in no way means that the script will not get any more rewrites. It is really difficult to put it aside and say that it can’t get any better.

But I won’t be ashamed to submit it to the contest. I actually like it!

And that’s what is so odd about writing. How did I get from overwhelmed to finished in a mere eleven hours?

Odd. Truly odd.

What do you think?