City living

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The thing about living in a city is that no person is ever truly alone. People are there and watching, even if they aren’t trying to watch.

This morning, a little before 7:30, I was making a cup of espresso. My espresso maker is right by a window, and the window overlooks my neighbor’s back yard.

It is a very busy backyard. There has been a constant stream of workers building and digging all summer long. As soon as one project is completed and the workers leave, another team arrives to start the next project.

The current team has only been at work a day or two. I have no clue what their project is, only that it requires a certain amount of hammering and playing of loud music.

I’m pretty sure that although I can see into my neighbor’s backyard, anyone in the backyard probably cannot easily see into my kitchen.

At least that is what I now assume. Ever since this morning when, after looking around in a very suspicious manner, one of the workers unzipped his pants and marked his territory just like a dog.

Yes, you read correctly. He urinated, right there in the backyard.

Just what I wanted to see as I made my coffee.

Yep, city living. It can sometimes surprise you.


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