Bad encounter

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Workers arrived today to work on the neighbor’s roof. The bad news is that it is the house we share a driveway with.

The last time they had roof work done all the materials were unloaded in front of our front door. Or to be more precise, our only door. Nothing like being trapped in your own house by inconsiderate neighbors who have no concept of private property.

These workers unloaded everything into our yard, but at least they didn’t block our door. So I went down and told them that the area they were using did not belong to the house they were working on. The workers gladly agreed to move everything off of our bushes and grass.

And then the neighbor stuck his head out and asked what the problem was. He had the smuggest look on his face, as if he had been waiting just around the corner for a chance at a confrontation.

Because a confrontation was what it was.

I told him that the problem was that my yard should not be used as a staging ground.

He laughed. It was a rather sinister laugh. What was wrong with this guy?

Words were exchanged, right there in front of the workers. My wonderful neighbor took the opportunity to give me a long list of things he didn’t like. He informed me that our fence made the driveway unusable, and that that was why he allowed his bushes to grow two feet into the driveway. He complained about my dog, and accused me of things that frankly he must have pulled directly from his imagination.

All while maintaining that smug look.

And just to make things perfectly clear, this is the same neighbor who I’ve only talked to once in five years. He found me outside four years ago and took the opportunity to try to yell at me for daring to put up a fence in my own yard.

The same neighbor who’s wife will hide in the bushes rather than risk having to say good morning to me or my husband.

What type of people are they? What bitterness festers in their souls to make them so sour, cranky, and thoroughly unpleasant?


On a good note, I think I’ve found inspiration for my next villain.

What do you think?