Nerves of ice

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You’ve heard of people with nerves of steel? Well, it looks like I’ve got nerves of ice.

Sounds okay, doesn’t it? Ice is cool. Ice is strong. Ice grips and will not let go.
Until it melts.
Which is what my nerves did this weekend.
I need to devote quite a few hours to my thesis project to whip it into shape. I’m worried because the pace of the program has not allowed me to do rewrites like I normally do. I have yet to sit down and read the script all the way through, even once!
So what did I do when the time crunch turned up the heat?
I melted.
During a time I should have been reading and correcting, I have been on the brink of a migraine. For two days I have been unable to either read books or use my computer.
Thanks, body. Nice of you to choose this time to send my eyes and brain on a mandatory vacation.
I suppose it’s my own fault. They are my nerves, after all.
My nerves of ice couldn’t take the heat.

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