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I can now breathe again.

I submitted my thesis yesterday (Thursday) morning even though it is not due until Sunday.

I thought about hanging onto it a few days longer. I asked myself, “Wouldn’t one more pass make it stronger? Wouldn’t a few more days of work bring it that much closer to perfection?”

But every change is a double-edged sword. It might make the script better, but then again, it might not. That little glimmer of goodness in the script could be lost with one stroke of the delete button, or overshadowed by an added clutter of words.

Besides, every change increased the odds that I would incorporate a mistake that I might not find to correct.

Still, I almost caved. Until I realized that I could no longer see the script!

Oh, my eyes haven’t given out. I can see other things fine. It is only the script that is blurry.

I’m too close to it. I need to back off and give that little script time to grow and mature.

And I need to breathe.

Ah. Breathing is nice. It feels good to breathe!

I’ll have to try it more often.

What do you think?