Joys of Summer

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Ah. The joys of summer.

The satisfaction of tearing out cabinets and old tile, followed by the surprise of frayed wiring and uncovered holes in the walls.

That indefinable smell of old house that is proof positive that the house was built in the early 1920s.

Yes, the joys of summer renovations. This year, our renovation is our kitchen.

Just so you know, we don’t hire, we work. Long hours, heavy lifting, and little food (our stove is disconnected).

The kitchen was small–

–but attached to a room that we could never figure out what to do with.

So we decided to turn our peninsula into an island and make it into one big room. The first stage was to rip out a few old cabinets.
How were we supposed to know the previous owners hadn’t plugged up all the holes! 


Then we disconnected the peninsula and pulled up the old kitchen floor.

After seeing the floor our plan to refinish it changed. We’ll be putting in a new floor to go with some of our new walls.





This picture represents the two week mark, which was Friday, the 20th. Wish us luck!

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