Giving and getting feedback

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This week we are on break, kind of. Which really means that we still have loads of work, but more time than normal to do it in. Which I must be honest, IS a break!

I am rather nervous right now.

This past Wednesday each student sent the instructor a copy of his or her script.

You see, we have reached the point where we’ll be reading each other’s scripts and giving feedback. To make things manageable we’ve been split up into groups, and each week each group will receive a script to critique.

Thursday four scripts were distributed to be read. Mine was one of the four.

I’ll try to not think about my script being read by my fellow students. Instead, I’ll read the script I’ve been assigned to critique, and I’ll give the most helpful comments I can think up.

Then I will bit the bullet and see what comments my fellow students have about what I wrote. GULP! For some reason having my fellow students read my script makes me more nervous than having the instructors read it.

Wish me luck!


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