The write addict

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I don’t know if I should admit this or not, but…um…I finished the extra credit homework yesterday.

I told you I had trouble setting aside my writing projects!

What happened was I thought about the extra credit and determined that it was only busy work. That it wouldn’t really improve the script at this point. So I set it aside, since I detest busy work.

But then…

Scenarios kept going through my head. Different things I could try with those last two scenes. Ways that might, or might not, improve the script. I played with changing the setting, characters, even tweaks to the plot.

I hit on an idea that I loved, and that was that. Before I realized it I had gotten my computer out and completed the assignment (I notice that here it sounds like a quick thing, but I spent several hours rewriting).

Oh well! I guess there are worse things than being addicted to writing!


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