Slipping into villainosity

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I have been studying what makes a villain, and I find it rather interesting. I am especially fascinated by the fact that a wrong step, usually into that self-centered world of me-dom, can turn a hero into a villain.

Think about it. Villains and heroes are closer than might be expected. A hero, to protect himself or his loved ones, often has to keep himself apart from others. He is different than the average person, and more powerful.

A villain is also different and more powerful, and like the hero, he also puts himself apart from the rest of the world. But where the hero uses his power to help others, the villain uses it to force others to bend to his will, so that he can have his own way. He believes it is his right, since he is better and more important than everyone else.

Wait a minute. I seem to recall a story I heard, just this morning, about someone who displayed these villainous characteristics. Now who was it? Who was it that hopped off the hero pedestal to take a stroll down the path of villainy?

Oh, yes. Now I remember, it was Beyonce!

Paying to have everyone else kicked to the curb so that an entire floor of the hospital could be turned into her own private haven is truly the mark of a person who has stepped onto that road to villainy. Talk about lack of consideration for your fellow human beings! Next we will hear that she has bought a private island, or even a small country.

Turn back, Beyonce! Quick, before the pull of the self-centered life catches you fully in its gravitational pull and you are no longer able to recognize the path you have taken, the path that takes you away from humanity.

Drop the black cape, stop being a bully, and rejoin the real world.

You won’t regret it. From what I hear, me-dom is really a very lonely place.

2 thoughts on “Slipping into villainosity

  1. Davy Farnham

    It really is despicable… Someone as famous as her should be setting a good example to those who look up to her as a role model, and yet she decides to do this? Sometimes I truly do question how some people can sleep at night.


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