Three a day, every day

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It is harder than it seems.

The assignment is to write, in longhand, three pages a day, every day. The instructor doesn’t care what is written–words repeated over and over, a grocery list, or even complaints about the assignment–as long as it is three pages written in longhand on paper.

I know, that’s exactly what I thought! How can I possible waste that much paper! Think of a year’s worth of writing, over 1,000 pages of, well, scribble.

Honestly, just between the two of us,  I haven’t been able to get myself to do it yet. I can open Word and type out all sorts of things using my computer, but the thought of writing it down longhand gives me the shivers. Which is silly, since I grew up in a time when legible handwriting was valued and the art of using a typewriter was taught.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those that thinks she knows better than everyone else, so I know I’ll have to give it a try. It could be true that there is something magical about pen meeting paper that is lost in the electronic world of computers and keyboards.

Good thing no one can see me rolling my eyes!

Okay, okay, I’ll be good. I’ll do it. I’ll log out, right this minute, and kill a tree. A lovely, wonderful, oxygen producing tree. I’m sure no one will mind, since the fate of my future writing career is at stake.

What did you say?

Oh my goodness, you are absolutely right! I could use recycled paper!

But honestly, couldn’t you have mentioned it sooner? I’ve been agonizing forever about this, simply forever!

Point taken. I’ll just be happy that I don’t have to kill a forest as I spark my creativity.

I guess I should thank you for your help, because I really do I feel much better now.

I’ve got to go now. I got some scribbling to do!

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