No Comments on Loglines

At the beginning of this week I didn’t even know what a logline was. Now, since the week has progressed to the ripe old age of Tuesday, I need to write 10 of them before tomorrow.

Nothing like a tight deadline to get the old creative juices flowing!

I will need all the creative juice I can get. Loglines are handy-dandy one sentence beings that tell the story of the story. The blurb that bubbles with the good stuff of a script. The short summary that satisfies the question, “what is this about?”

I need to write 10 of them by tomorrow. Ten new, fresh ideas, presented in a compact package complete with character, action, and drama. Ten little gems that will stand the test of the old red marker.

And then, I will have the pleasure of choosing one of them to write into a 5 page script. By Sunday.

Good thing I enjoy a challenge!

I wonder if they sell creative juice in the grocery store in the frozen food aisle?

What do you think?