Four little points

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Honestly, why can’t I just be happy with a 96 out of 100? I’ve now received 96/100 on both of the graded assignments I’ve turned in and I should be glad, ecstatic, happy as a lamb on a hot summer’s day right after visiting the shearing shed. After all, 96/100 is an A.

But those points, those 4 little points that somehow lost their way, are really bugging me. I want to find them, reunite them with their brothers and sisters, and make sure they never get lost again.

I want to improve. To become the very best writer I possible can become.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. The only comment I received with my grade was “Excellent job! Keep up the good work.” Which doesn’t give me a lot to work with.

So sadly, the mystery of the disappearing points remains unsolved.

Where are Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and all the other great detectives when you need them?

One thought on “Four little points

  1. Anonymous

    Let it go! Those 4 points don't mean anything. You shouldn't waste your time worrying about something so tiny.


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