Mac vs PC

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I’ve always been a PC person. Maybe because my first computer was a PC, or maybe because as shortcuts are added for the technologically challenged user, control for the tech-savvy is reduced. And I’ve always heard that Macs are great for the tech-challenged.

I’m not saying I’m a super techy person, but I am pretty good at trouble shooting. I’ve even built a few computers in my time.

So when this new MFA program I’m beginning on Monday had using a Macbook as a requirement I didn’t really know how I felt about it. On the one hand I like new challenges, and using a Mac is a new challenge. But on the other hand, well, I simply don’t usually like Macs!

I got the brand new MacBook Pro on Tuesday evening. I must say, it is beautiful, but very, very heavy. Quite a bit heavier than my HP. It certainly is meant to sit on a desk and not be carried around.

I opened it up and began the process of getting acquainted.

The first thing I learned is that plug-and-play is not always plug-and-play, if you are used to a totally different system. My HP is sensitive to the slightest touch, so I became very frustrated very fast when I was unable to make the Mac respond. It wasn’t until my frustration caused me to slam my fingers down hard on the mouse pad that I got a response and realized the problem.

I suddenly felt like a person who had never been exposed to a computer. I didn’t like it, not one bit.

I’ve notice a strange phenomenon the past few days. Every time I sit down with my PC, I am pulled in and end up spending more time than I had planned. Every time I sit down with my Mac, I am repulsed and do not complete what I sat down to do.

Strange, don’t you think? And hopefully temporary, since I am required to use the Mac.

If I learn to love the Mac, I’ll be honest and post it here. But until that time, PCs still rule in my eyes.

What do you think?