Exposing email scammers

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I guess it is time to come clean.
I have a hobby.

It’s not your typical hobby, like stamp collecting or flying remote control planes. My hobby is exposing email scams.

You see, I am one of those special people who has the good fortune to be on a list that is being sold to every scammer in the world. No, scratch that–the universe.

I couldn’t stop the seemingly unending flood of scams from going into my inbox, so I decided to do the next best thing and share them with the world. My theory is that since most people will do a quick search before contacting the scammer I might be able to save a few people from heartache, heartburn, and humiliation.

If you care to see a few of the scams I receive–and I say few because I only post the ones I can absolutely identify as scams–visit my blog at (see “Email Scams Blog” link).

It is a very satisfying hobby. I feel that I’m doing something positive, something that gives back. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments I receive thanking me for my postings and telling me that I helped them not fall victim to a scam.

I’ll add a link so you can return to it as often as you wish. Some of them are pretty funny. (Not laugh out loud funny, but “do they really think I’ll fall for that” funny.)

What do you think?