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When I write, I have this strange procedure I have to follow.

I wake up as early as I can, make a cup of coffee, and then go to my office and close my door. I have to be very, very careful to have no interaction with anyone.

If I successfully begin writing with no human interaction, I usually have a great writing session. If there is a glitch and I cannot escape before some chipper morning person wishes me a good morning or tries to engage me in conversation, it usually takes at least an hour to get back into the proper frame of mind to write.

I thought I was crazy. I mean really, who in their right mind needs perfect solitude to write? I’ve read story after story about famous writers who penned their most famous novels in the most chaotic environment.

But me, I cannot speak to anyone, or have anyone speak to me, if I want to write.

So I thought I must be on the choo-choo to Looney Land, until I found this article titled “The Introvert Writer” by Dianne Christner.

What a relief to find I’m not crazy after all!

Hmmm. In that case, where exactly is this train taking me?

2 thoughts on “Crazy?

  1. Dianne

    You are NOT alone in this! You described my best writing time…before any other input. It's hard to rein my thinking in once it gets on another track!


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