Plotting a plot

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I sat down at my computer this morning with one goal, and one goal only. I was bound and determined to work out the plot for my next book.

I know you can’t see me, but if you could you might wonder why I’m waving my arms in the air as I shout for joy. Well, let me tell you…

Oh. You’ve already guessed. In that case, you can share in the joy I feel. I am so happy that I reached my goal!

I have a plot! A wonderful, twisting, sure-to-keep-you-reading plot!

Working out what was going to happen next in this new book was one of the most exhiliarating activities. There was a lot of jumping around as a change in one part forced a change in another part, which made a change in a third part absolutely necessary.

At one point this morning, I honestly wondered if I were writing the story, or if the story was dictating itself to me. Ideas were coming fast and furious, and even the names of characters popped into my head without any concious effort on my part.

By the time 3 hours had passed the 5 page outline I ended with had very little in common with that very rough 1 page outline I had typed up last week.

If you could see me you would probably wonder why I’m rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist in an old horror flick. Sorry about that, but honestly, I feel like a mad scientist. Creating this book is going to be so much fun!

Since I neglected to mention it earlier, this new book will feature my old friend Vanessa from Department of Temporal Adjustment. Only this time Vanessa will remember every detail of her travels through time!

Let the fun begin!

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